What Clients Say About Us

We believe that you should never have to bear the financial burden of someone else’s negligence. That’s why we only take cases on a contingency basis, meaning that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.


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“My husband and I are so grateful we had Ray represent us. The first time I talked to him over the phone, he made me feel calm and I was confident we needed to choose him for representation. His compassion and kindness continued throughout the case, he was professional, thorough, kept us updated, made sure our questions were answered and we knew all of our options. We thank him for the best possible end result and would choose him again if needed. I would definitely recommend Ray for any of your lawyer needs.”

Toni S.

“Ray Scheetz has helped me tremendously. Through nearly two years, Ray has guided me along the way through a hard case. It has been a long journey, and Ray stayed diligent the entire time. He is very good about reaching out as soon as new information is available and explaining how things work and why. Ray kept expectations reasonable, and ended the case with what I believe is the best outcome possible. This man literally saved my life and I cannot thank him enough. If I could give higher than 5 stars, I would.”

Lena M.

“I was extremely impressed on how quickly Ray was able to settle our situation. Ray is the man you need in your corner. He gave us options layed out the plan and executed with amazing results, Saving us a great deal of money in the long run. Thank you.”

Tony S.

“Best lawyer around strictly about business friendly and does his job well fighting for you and will get the job done 10/10 recommended”

Curtis V.

“Helped me understand what was going to happen in the court room and calmed me down. Very professional and would use him again if needed”

Drew F.

“Ray was an amazing lawyer. He want above and beyond for our family! He is extremely dedicated, compassionate and understanding. We couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer and we will always be thankful and appreciative of him.”

Yesenia M.

What is the difference between a good lawyer and the great lawyer?

  • Good lawyers know the law, but great lawyers make it work for their clients.
  • Good lawyers analyze facts, but great lawyers find creative solutions.
  • Good lawyers are confident, but great lawyers inspire confidence in others.
  • Good lawyers provide legal advice, but great lawyers provide strategic advice.
  • Good lawyers communicate well, but great lawyers communicate persuasively.
  • Good lawyers react to situations, but great lawyers anticipate them.
  • Good lawyers are competent, but great lawyers are exceptional problem solvers.
  • Good lawyers focus on legal technicalities, but great lawyers focus on practical solutions.
  • Good lawyers listen to clients, but great lawyers empathize with them.
  • Good lawyers are hardworking, but great lawyers are relentless.
  • Good lawyers represent clients, but great lawyers build long-term relationships.
  • Good lawyers are ethical, but great lawyers are morally sound.
  • Good lawyers are organized, but great lawyers are adaptable.
  • Good lawyers argue persuasively, but great lawyers tell compelling stories.
  • Good lawyers are responsive, but great lawyers anticipate their client’s needs.
  • Good lawyers are analytical, but great lawyers are intuitive.
  • Good lawyers are competent, but great lawyers are brilliant.